Wayde King Water Filtration recognizes the importance of having decontaminated water. The KWF system organically removes over 140 different chemicals and contaminants commonly found in municipal water supplies. These contaminants can affect your health, deteriorate your plumbing fixtures, ruin your appliances, and even detrimentally affect air quality in your home. KWF is a superior whole home option as it provides magnetically ionized spring quality alkaline water that is not only pure and healthy, but also great for your plumbing, fixtures and appliances. Wayde King Water Filtration is a superior choice to using a salt based water softener, as it provides drinking water for your entire household that contains beneficial minerals it also magnetically ionizes the water to reduce hard water scale build up. KWF is an essential benefit for you, your family and the environment. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or systems that do not backwash. Think about it, if your system cannot backwash where do all the contaminants go? They remain in your water tank, creating less pure water and much shorter service life.